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  1. PSC Highlights
    PSC Highlights 13 July, 2019, 11:44

    I based this list off history, not just current day. And I know some of these aren’t big time rivalries, but in the states with only a few D1 teams, the options were limited. This video took a very long time to put together, so if you could just drop a like or comment it would be much appreciated!

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  2. CamCrimson OU
    CamCrimson OU 22 April, 2021, 19:49

    Lol they only had one game they could show Oklahoma State beating Oklahoma. osu isn’t even OU’s rival. They lose the series 90-18

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  3. Jeff Rachau
    Jeff Rachau 1 May, 2021, 11:27

    Pitt isn't Penn State's biggest in-state rival. Hasn't been for years. Temple is more important to Penn State. The Penn State coaches,players and especially the fans don't care to see Pitt on the schedule- they mean nothing,to us. Beating Temple and winning the true State championship is far more important. Screw Pitt.

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  4. Yung Shotta
    Yung Shotta 27 May, 2021, 19:41

    Tennessee vs Memphis has always been the best rivalry not no damn vandy

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  5. Diskonnekt
    Diskonnekt 15 June, 2021, 11:57

    FSU-Miami for Florida? What a joke LOL

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  6. Austin Papson
    Austin Papson 19 June, 2021, 15:03

    I wish you had time stamps😔

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  7. Justin Golden
    Justin Golden 24 June, 2021, 15:10

    I'm surprised for Arizona you didn't do a play from the ASU Arizona game that was 70-7 lol. Maybe it would've looked like the teams aren't even close though haha. Also surprised California isn't UCLA USC for the rivalry, although I can't complain that my favorite sports play of all time was featured so… I also feel like Florida is a three way fight between Florida, Florida State and Miami. Boise St and Idaho isn't a fair fight lmao. Ohio doesn't include Ohio or Ohio State? Wack I feel like Texas is also three ways between Texas, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M

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  8. Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith 24 June, 2021, 16:40

    I was expecting Toledo and Bowling Green for Ohio, considering Cincinnati and Miami OH aren’t in the same conference.

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  9. Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 26 June, 2021, 00:19

    Maryland's biggest rivalries now are Rutgers and Penn State since joining the Big Ten in 2014. Maryland hasn't played Navy since 2010. Maryland's biggest rivalries of all-time is against Virginia and NC State from their days in the ACC.

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  10. Aaron Werner
    Aaron Werner 27 June, 2021, 15:13

    Idaho vs Boise State isn't as big a rivalry anymore as Idaho State vs Idaho. Both in the Big Sky now

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  11. Andrew Pawlack
    Andrew Pawlack 28 June, 2021, 03:41

    attempted murder, found not guilty by means of failure

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  12. Andrew Pawlack
    Andrew Pawlack 28 June, 2021, 03:46

    Overshadowed by his title winning catch this man was elite

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  13. Maniac7G
    Maniac7G 28 June, 2021, 18:49

    Arkansas is lame for refusing to play in-state teams

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  14. Joshua Phelps
    Joshua Phelps 30 June, 2021, 16:54

    Why is NCSU v Unc here over Duke v Unc

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  15. Carson Lary
    Carson Lary 1 July, 2021, 01:47

    I hate the hawkeys.

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  16. Tokyo Rose
    Tokyo Rose 1 July, 2021, 12:30

    Forgot Minnesota?

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  17. tem pura
    tem pura 1 July, 2021, 22:33

    Ucla vs usc could work for california's too

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  18. tem pura
    tem pura 1 July, 2021, 22:35

    Fun fact Joe Flacco went to Delaware and also Delaware has the same helmet decals as Michigan

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  19. tem pura
    tem pura 1 July, 2021, 22:37

    lol the Idaho Vandals got demoted to the FCS

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  20. tem pura
    tem pura 1 July, 2021, 22:49

    NDSu is literally the Alabama of the FCS lol

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  21. Jay Franklin
    Jay Franklin 5 July, 2021, 19:06

    Ohio should have been the university of Toledo vs Bowling Green state university I-75 rivals 13 min apart

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  22. Alex Hagel
    Alex Hagel 8 July, 2021, 02:50

    You might want to change your title add Nest College football in State Rivalry in Every State. I read it was the Best rivalry for each state not in state rivarlry.

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  23. Alex Hagel
    Alex Hagel 8 July, 2021, 02:55

    Do the Best College Football Rivalry Trophy or Non Title Trophy

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  24. Bruce Fisher
    Bruce Fisher 9 July, 2021, 02:12

    Pure bullshit.. West Virginia's greatest rivalry isn't Marshall.. it isn't even CLOSE. Heck, in over a hundred years, they've only played six times. WVU's biggest rivalry even has a name most college fans have heard of. It's called 'The Backyard Brawl' and has been played 104 times. It is WVU-Pitt. Whoever made this list knows exactly SHIT about rivalries. Stick to video games.

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  25. J Whitten
    J Whitten 9 July, 2021, 11:42

    VT vs Uva

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  26. Johnathan Bisciotti
    Johnathan Bisciotti 13 July, 2021, 23:22

    Should’ve been ND and Purdue

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  27. Rannie Spears
    Rannie Spears 14 July, 2021, 22:55

    Louisiana is Grambling vs Southern!!!

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  28. Krummy Raider
    Krummy Raider 18 July, 2021, 09:58

    I feel like you can’t put on UT and A&M considering they haven’t played in 10 years and probably won’t for a very long time. Right now I’d say it’s probably Baylor and TCU. Or TCU and SMU. UT and Tech maybe.

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  29. just some minced garlic
    just some minced garlic 7 August, 2021, 18:31

    I already know my state is gonna be Clemson vs South Carolina. The only other good one i can even think of is Furman vs Citadel and no one outside of alumni really care about that one.

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  30. Moose004
    Moose004 18 August, 2021, 20:39

    My introduction to moving to Columbia, SC twenty years ago was collapsing after I'd moved my stuff into my new apartment and turning on the radio to find the local sports station, where a caller was screaming about what the Gamecocks were going to do to Clemson when they played them that November.

    It was July.

    Being an FCS school grad and from Virginia, where college football is not quite a religion like it is in SEC-land, it was an interesting adjustment. Especially since South Carolina is the Vanderbilt of the SEC East.

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